GCSE revision class: Speeches and Reviews

The powerpoint is for a revision class in 2012 at SGS, where the students are studying the WJEC English Language course. It is generally applicable, I hope. A podcast will follow.


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GCSE revision class: Articles and Leaflets

Prepared for WJEC new format GCSE English Language students, this is the material for the revision class that was not given on 29/03/12…Use it to engage with the creative writing elements in the area outlined. A podcast has been added to assist with revision.

Articles and Leaflets

podcast to accompany revision session


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Revision session 5 – Audience, voice and comparison

Language Paper 1 2012
Language Papers 2012 mark scheme

Material to support WJEC Language Unit 1 paper 1. Use the pre-release materials from AQA to practise your skills…

Revision 5 audience and persuasion

2010 pre release
mock prerelease spring 2009


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GCSE revision class 2: Locate and Retrieve

Podcast and media to support revision
locate and retrieve for revision

maldives article
house of future responses
house of the future text

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WJEC GCSE ENGLISH LANGUAGE mock examination response

Based on the WJEC support material for 2011/12 examinations. These are my comments relating to performance in the recent mock GCSEs at my school. Designed as give back support for students when out of school.

I have not included the actual source material.

mock mark scheme paper 2 lang
mocks GCSE ENGLISH LANGUAGE UNIT 1 mark scheme


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WJEC 11/2010 paper 1: A questions discussion

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