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Bright Lights of Sarajevo: discussion and resources

A class in which y9 (!) discuss this poem. Now part of the IGCSE materials for study, they worked so well – the video is testament to their attitude.

sarajevo sheets

A movie of the lesson can be found here on the department you Tube feed.  the boys explain each sheet in turn.

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Edexcel IGCSE English Lit: Love group

Year 10 linking work for the poetry anthology.

love grouplove group  the pdf version


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Approaching English Literature Coursework: Edexcel IGCSE

A powerpoint and a link to the department You Tube channel.  I am giving a short give-back talk on Thursday for Year 11….


A bit Polonius like, but that’s the way things roll…

The sound file from the session: 


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Edexcel IGCSE English Literature Coursework

The rationale for this post has been explored here .  My intention is to provide an outline and resources to help students in Year 10/11 approach “the Beast” – the 6 poem coursework extravaganza that gives 40% of their IGCSE marks…

The task requires careful planning and is the nearest i get to a scaffold at this level.  I try to encourage clear planning of each paragraph, let alone the essay as a whole and I am working on a model of roughly 3 paragraphs for each “major” essay with the “minor”poems being used as links between the majors – roughly a single paragraph for each.

Here is the teaching outline: coursework 2015


I also referred in the original post to John Thomsett’s excellent post on Janus Sentences: janus sentences


This booklet was prepared by a colleague: Jade Boyle.  It is a cracking piece of work.

Y10 Lit coursework booklet

I attach a set of EDEXCEL sample essays for information and recommend that all students look at these.  It is brilliant to write in a manner which is a consistent comparison, but Edexcel are clear that direct comparison is not needed and I recommend the 3-1-3-1-1-3 outline as a good starting point.

Examples High Mark Courseworkf

Exemplar Materials 4ET0 03 June 2014

Folder E

Folder F

Folder G

Folder H

Folder C

Folder D

Folder A

Folder B



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A comparison of the treatment of love…

This Spring I set my Year 11s a tricky little question for their Edexcel Certificate mock English Lit exam: A comparison of the treatment of love in His Last Duchess and La Belle Dame Sans Merci.
I chose the two longest poems in the Anthology, and the two that they had found the most opaque, precisely because I hoped they would find the question hard. I believe it is a valid question and since the two poems have not yet been examined from Anthology C, I thought it worth while.

I attach a Powerpoint used as part of a give back… a screencast may follow when i have the time!

I had been disappointed by how many students simply had forgotten the two poems – many thinking that the Duke was utterly justified in his behaviour because the Duchess must have been unfaithful. Echoes of MAAN became hard to miss, but with the Duke as a wronged Claudio rather than an arrogant and domineering husband who treats his wife and love in general as a business transaction. The treatment of Belle Dame, tended to miss the Gothic decay of the surroundings and the focus tended to be on the woman and miss the idea that men are their own worst enemies – he is warned, but persists!

Anyway, have fun.

Compare the depiction of love


anth C test

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Year 8 poetry and Classics module

In a bid to bost interest in Classics we are basing our Year 8 poetry module on the Odyssey next year.

Here are a few of the resources which I am preparing, with the assistance of my colleague Lizzie MAdden to support this activity… all in draft form.


sirens screencast ppt

selected passages and summary

polyphemus screencast ppt

penelope screencast ppt

passages for teaching

Lesson ideas

CIRCE screencast ppt

bardathon passages

activity book

text booklet

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LAst Duchess revision mats Year 11

Year 11: Please download and save your mats from today’s lesson…

new doc20130301120953037

Then look again at the SGSENGLISDEPT screencasts on you tube. http://www.youtube.com/user/SGSEnglish


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teaching poetry for Edexcel anthology C

I have posted the link to the school you tube site before, but since I am updating the brief PowerPoints I used in lessons following the flipped classes that used the videos, I thought I would repost the link…


Here are the PPts for :

belle dame lesson

sonnet lesson

enjoy the revision, year 11!

Soyinke: Telephone conversation

telephone lesson

War photographer lesson
war photographer

Gaggan’s notes from War photoigrapher – download and use

gaggan, sandi, ravina notes

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Year 10 revision materials: An Unknown Girl

Revision materials made by students at SGS for An Unknown Girl by Moniza Alvi.

A short podcast discussion about the poem: unknown girl ideas.

The script for the task above: discussion_on_unkown_girl

A revision mat/wordle: girl mat

An essay about the poem: an_unknown_girl_essay

Again, use these as you see fit. Please respect the fact that they have been written by students in year 10, but feel free to feedback!



Year 10 revision material: Out, out-

Revision material made by year 10 at SGS to support the teaching of Robert Frost’s Out, out- as part of their work on the Edexcel Anthology for IGCSE, section B. A quick quiz: out_out_q_a An essay based around the SCASI format of analysis: out_out_scasi_essay_final A presentation on the poem: out_out_presentation (2) A video presentation: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eh6yzztrjfa4ft3/out%20out-.mp4 A video response to the poem: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bu37srna30pg8wq/movie%202.wmv Please enjoy these resources that my Year 10 class have created and feel free to offer feedback!

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