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Enrichment Day: American Literature at A level

This is my draft material for an enrichment day on American Literature.  we try to offer this day each year Рin the past it has been on Dystopia and this year the wonderful Maria Trafford is organising the day around American Literature for OCR.

This means we can invite boys with an eye to English Literature and to History and for the first time will have a context session led by one of the History team, Jonathan Pepperman, who will be taking time off from being a Deputy Head… Thank you, JOP.

My session is looking at contexts and intertextuality – obviously a broad brush approach as a taster. My source material is Kate Chopin – so many students treat Race as an issue of the 1960s…

We welcome students from local schools (mocks allowing) and the day is a highly engaging introduction to the approach required at A level.

chopin intertextuality

usa lit extracts

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Year 13 IB: The Awakening and Never Let Me Go

Several students have missed lessons due to interviews and such like – it is that time of year.

These resources are a script and PPt for an exploration of a critical approach to Chopin’s the Awakening, looking at erotic-sensational novels and a recording of a discussion in the classroom of Chapters 14 and 16 of Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go.
Amelia E1

Amelia E

130206_001 Lesson

Good and Bad Mothers GP

Notes on Amelia Barr’s critique of The Awakening

Many thanks to my Yr 13s an especially to Omar and Angela who led the discussion in the lesson.

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Awakening revision window

13 IB have created a window revision sheet – I love it. Chapter XII and XIII of Chopin’s Awakening.

A fortuitous day in Slough…

awakening window

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Year 13 discuss The Awakening

Files for students to download recording a discussion of Ch X11 and X111 of the Awakening – Chopin.

awakening sound and image


To be used as revision material for Year 13IB at SGS

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A study guide to The Awakening, Kate Chopin.

This guide has been prepared by 5 students in the final year of their IB Diploma programme at Slough Grammar School. I am more than happy to host it and hope that readers find it helpful.
Please feel free to comment.

Chopin Study Guide


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Music in The Awakening: A stimulus paper

A stimulus paper on the use of music in The Awakening. ¬†Recent posts about Butterworth’s Jerusalem have reminded me of the importance of noticing when specific music is indicated by an author…

musical reference 2011 version

I have recently found this to be reading regularly – I though I would remind myself of it, and the added you tube links for the sound files…

awakening sound and image

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