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Chinese Cinderella: Revision and Review

A short PPt accompanying a revision-type lesson.  Trying to use fewer prepared PowerPoints, but I like to leave something concrete for students to use in their own revision slots…

Here I consider the passage Chinese Cinderella in the Edexcel IGCSE/Certificate Anthology.


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MAAN: on Comedy and Marxism

I am due to give a talk for Year 11 next term. It is a MAAN lecture and I want to move beyond the basic plot retrieval and character sketch mode…


There is a screencast and I have covered this material before in some of the earlier posts on the blog…

Still, I hope it is useful

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Hide and Seek: Scannell

My favourite poem in the Edexcel IGCSE anthology…

This is for Year 10 who spent a grand 50 minutes exploring the SCA of SCASI.

One or two didn’t copy it and one was absent.


I can’t summarise a poor photo, but the gist is that the poem is a poem of development from innocence to experience – the childish excitement of the opening becoming more of  a sense of “excited and scared” (Sondheim) as the child gains experience. We looked closely at Character to chart this development in the language used around the child and repressive nature of the imperatives which come from his internal voice (?) which add more and more inhibitions to his behaviour.

The overt sensory setting was a rich area of discussion as was the passage of time and the awareness of moving from one state to another after a cocoon-like wrapping in the sacks…  The boy emerges with heightened self-awareness as his innocent state is left behind him.

The Action divided between inside the shed and external action – the scuffling laughter suggesting his “friends” conscious rejection of him and the cold “biting at the same time suggesting the emergence of his recognition of his new state.

My boys may not have gone for the Sondheim allusion – this is Red Riding Hood ion Into The Woods – excited and scared as her “experiences” in the woods are considered – the new-found awareness s of sexuality is not really a feature here, but the personified garden of threat at the end seems clearly to signify a frightening new world which awaits our young adolescent.



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Edexcel Anthology: Between a rock and a hard place

A short lesson idea relating to the article in section 1 of the new Edexcel anthology for IGCSE English Language – poss revision rather than first teaching.

rock and hard place

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The danger of a Single Story: NEW Edexcel IGCSE

Here is a link to the video from which the passage has been taken.  Adichie’s TED talk is widely available on line.  This link is to a version on the John Lyon English Department You Tube Channel.

Adichie A single Story: TED

Adichie on Trump 2016

Teaching ideas will be posted below.

Two areas of focus are the use of language to create effect and the awareness of audience.

On Audience, I have found the SLAP mnemonic helpful when introducing passages to the class:


Equally TRAPPERS is my favourite mnemonic for swift assimilation of literary content:

trappers simple

My teaching outline for this piece will be found here:



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Approaching a theme essay at IGCSE

This is  a lesson borne out of a need to give back a mock exam essay to my Year 11 class.

The focus is on trying to avoid students simply listing a series of events or characters who relate to the theme and to develop an awareness of the level of objective analysis required in writing an essay such as this.

I hope it might be helpful.

approaching a theme essay

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CIE English Lit: I’m the King of the Castle REVISION

Material to help with revision of Susan Hill’s novel. Is there a more unsettling exploration of childish cruelty? I realise that my revision powerpoint does not focus on innocence and experience to any degree. This is an issue of time, rather than complacency – it should emerge in discussion. The powerpoint below is mine. The other documents can be credited to my predecessor at JLS, Anna Paul. Many thanks.

IKOTC revision

Revision Booklet king of the castle

key quotes to be used for quotaton quest starter or as basis for analysis practice

Opinions About the Novel

chapter summaries


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Beach Safety essay give back and exam preparation

A short audio file to act as a give back for yr 10 and exam preparation for anyone sitting Edexcel Certificate English Language.

It should be listened to in conjunction with the generic mark scheme, below, with its focus so clearly on use of the text in all writing.

I attach my “top trump” powerpoint as well.


beach safety generic assessment

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An introduction to OMAM screencast

This screencast, linked to my school YouTube page is designed to introduce OMAM to my new Year 11 class. It is not aimed at providing close analysis, but rather as an overview to stimulate and prepare.

OMAM screencast

I hope it helps.

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Yr 10 Ellen MacArthur Give Back

A podcast give back for my Yr 10 class studying EDEXCEL Certificate 1/2 (IGCSE) Language. Based on the Ellen MacArthur passage in Anthology A.


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