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Still I rise, Significant Cigarettes, Dyslexia… Anthology Part 2

My former colleague Michael Mellor left this wonderful teaching outline for the Edexcel IGCSE new anthology….

I like it…

very much indeed.  Thanks Michael.

NEW IGCSE Lang_2016_Angelou_Tremain_BenZeph


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These are flip chart explorations of key elements of Narayan’s short story: A Hero. My students will be downloading them from this site… feel free to use for critique or other purposes:


The focus here is on the relationship between Swami and his father:new-doc-49_1

Here the boys are looking at the Ideas behind the story  – even British Values… I was very pleased to see this unexpected treat:


The language used:  More needs ot be done at this stage to clarify the change in tone between the narrative and the description of the “nightmare”…new-doc-49_3

Now, the women:new-doc-49_4

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Setting in Veronica: Adewale Maja-Pierce

A short powerpoint to engage specifically in setting in this short story from Part 2 of the IGCSE anthology for Edexcel.


and my original ppt from 2012…


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Refugee Blues: discussion circle

Today I covered for a colleague currently under canvas near Buxton.  His Year 9 group were a revelation.  I decided to do a semi Socratic circle discussion of Auden’s Refugee Blues and discovered that the activity was a novelty for them.  I explained what I wanted, rattled through Edexcel IGCSE S+L assessment criteria and gave them a few minutes to prepare.

Then I said that I would record the event!

This is the outcome.  I think they were brilliant and have produced something that might be used a as a revision tool or as an entry discussion activity.  I hope you enjoy it, and would welcome feedback.  They had no notes for this, only copies of their anthologies.

9S discuss Refugee Blues: 150702_001

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Planning an essay: How does Owen evoke sympathy…

A quick powerpoint to discuss a possible essay plan for Owen’s Disabled as part of the Edexcel IGCSE anthology B.

owen sympathy

I have added a screencast link to help with study at home:

Good luck!

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Zooming into Disabled: Wilfred Owen

A short powerpoint to help with writing analysis – the ideas are quite straightforward and are designed to start discussion rather than to act as the finished article.

zooming into disabled

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Refugee Blues and An Unknown Girl

Yr 10 have been working on the Edexcel Certificate anthology B poems and these 7 slides are some of their annotations for these two poems. Feel free to take a look. They should be logging on to download and save!

new doc20130127141513064

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