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Writing a character essay at KS4

This post considers a technique for writing about character at KS4 for IGCSE or GCSE.  It takes a straightforward question: “How is the character of ….. represented?” and applies a 10 minute plan to produce an essay.

The video screencast is on the department YouTube channel here

The powerpoint I will use to teach this in class is here:

character 10 min plan

I hope it is useful.  The focus is on Benedick in MAAN but the technique is widely applicable.


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Year 10 zones: 10 minute planning

Year 10 are working on Much Ado for Edexcel IGCSE Literature.  As we finish the teaching for this ear, I wanted to engage the boys with exam technique before their formal assessment essays.  I like the idea of 10 minute planners and have blogged and made screenshots for them -available on here –  in the past.  This lesson aimed to engage a few small groups in planning for 15 minutes to produce responses to 5 different essays.  The titles were given out in the lesson to try to recreate the sensation of sitting an exam.  Too many students fall down at this stage:  either they don’t plan at all, or they spend too long mulling things over before starting to write an run out of time.

I was really pleased with the response.  Highly focused and showing a willingness to ZOOM IN to engage in close analysis.  Even better were the groups who showed the confidence to go beyond the usual responses and really dig into subtext – such as Dogberry being relevant to the thee of honour due to his undermining of the social status quo: “wisdoms” are unseated by the rude working classes.

maan planning obs

zone work

Year 10 , please find your zone sheets here.  Great planning work for 5 essay titles on MAAN.

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10 minute planner: Much ado is not all it seems….

Another 10 minute planner for MAAN. Again, quick notes to enable a plan based on an Edexcel Certificate question.


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Don Pedro: interractions

Another 10 minute planner which looks at the character of Don Pedro in Much Ado About Nothing. Again, although aimed at IGCSE/GCSE this may be useful for post 16 students as a quick refresher.


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‘You ought to like this port, Gerald.’

Another 10 minute planner… “How does Priestley present the character of Gerald as an upper class young man?” Again taken from the January 2014 Edexcel Certificate paper. The same title will not reappear this summer, but I hope this will take you along the possible thought processes for answering such a paper.

you tube video


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