Close Reading ideas 2: Strings and conversations

This post develops ideas heard at the recent NATE conference in a presentation by Lucy Webster from the EMC.  A great talk was focused on developing strategies for close reading in Shakespeare.


My Powerpoint has worked the ideas with a view ot suing thjis in year 12, working on Butterworth’s Jerusalem.

close reading ideas 2



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3 responses to “Close Reading ideas 2: Strings and conversations

  1. It offers a good tool for analysis, but seems to forget that this is not real conversation between characters invented by a writer, and as a result isolates analysis from the writer’s message/intent and context, which I guess would have to be added on as a layer of further analysis separately. Unless I’ve missed something…
    Good tool though!! 🙂

    • I think the “conversation” is that between the reader and the text rather than the characters, although I think that in a scene such as this the fighting for control between the 2 characters makes the language shifts evident. For me, it’s a 6th form activity and I will run it tomorrow- interested to see where it goes.

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