Introducing Macbeth at IGCSE


An introduction to Macbeth for the students studying the text next year for Edexcel IGCSE Heritage texts.  I try to cover  a range contexts in this material.  Includes tasks for students to undertake research ready to feed back into discussion in class.

This is work in progress:  The powerpoint is here:

macbeht intro


The screencast link will appear here on the department youtube channel:


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One response to “Introducing Macbeth at IGCSE

  1. Great screencast! Very informative. I also learned a lot 🙂 it made me think of ways to illustrate the context of creation idea. Today’s GCSE students won’t remember the Brighton bombing, and maybe even 9/11 is a little before their time memory wise. But recent events in the news of last year’s Paris bombings and the Brussels close down where all residents stood together and only tweeted cat pictures rather than discuss matters at hand that might reveal intelligence and give the game away and foil the capture of terrorists – all easily accessible and relatable to the 14-16 year old. I mean in ref to November 5th of course and your comments about it. I wonder if a series of newspaper articles and news item videos on YouTube or BBC clips would add value?

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