A2 English Lit essay planning


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Resources from a lesson in which y13 planned essays on Lear, The White Devil and Paradise Lost 9.



“A parent can support or damage a child” How and to what extent is this shown in the 3 texts…

“It is the role of Literature to challenge and confront the traditional values of society”.  How and to what extent…

“It’s love which makes the world go round”.  How and to what extent…

“In what ways and for what purposes have writers incorporated social problems in their literature?”  Discuss…

The titles were not drawn from past OCR papers – we have discussed nearly all the questions related to this text choice, but from IB English Lit papers going back to 2004.  The questions are much more open and can be used with all texts – the challenge is engaging and possibly requires a little lateral thinking in order to look at aspects of the texts which might not have been at the forefront of their thinking.


lear wd pl essay plans



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