Escape the family: Lear discussion yr 13

Another y13 lesson posted to assist those absent on interview/open day….

This is a discussion of the idea that there is “NO ESCAPE FROM THE FAMILY”.

lear family

lear family planning


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One response to “Escape the family: Lear discussion yr 13

  1. Govind Sarna

    I think Edgar presents an interesting example regarding whether or not escape from the family is actively sought after or even possible. Initially because he almost mirrors Cordelia’s relationship with her father in the sense that they are both banished but return to their respective fathers; however Cordelia is ultimately doomed to suffer by the side of her father whereas Edgar seems to develop as someone who overcomes the control of family. It is he who brings about the death of the usurping Edmund while comforting Gloucester toward the end of his life. Edgar even ends up ruling the kingdom with Albany, this would not have happened if he had not been banished and then returned.
    Edgar escapes from his family and actively seeks to comeback and accompany his father, face his brother and overcome the shackles of family that seem to be prevalent throughout this tragedy.

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