Extending Lear: Mothers and The Road…

Two presentations given by Year 13 students Ethan and David. One considers the absent mothers in the play and the other is entitled “What need 1? The mirrored worlds of Lear and The Road”.

This is the first time the boys have presented to their peers in this way and the intention is not to use “exam style” essays but to stretch and explore.  I include the brief discussions of each presentation…  (I should say that The Road is not a set text this year – the reference came from a discussion of the eschatological nature of Lear and the Road…).

Lear Symposium by Ethan Peters, y13 John Lyon School


McCarthy and Lear Symposium  by David Hubbard, yr 13 John Lyon School.



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5 responses to “Extending Lear: Mothers and The Road…

  1. Radio CKCU-FM 93.1 | Literary News of CARLETON U (Ottawa) is requesting the permission to rebroadcast the readings as part of this year’s Shakespeare celebrations.

    • I will need to check with the students in question, but I can see no issue at all. If you can give me a weblink to the broadcast, I would be thrilled. I can also give you details of the school and the students if you require.

  2. Hans,
    I have permission for you to use the material from both boys and the School. Could you let me know what else you need? The boys are Ethan Peters: Mothers and David Hubbard: The Road. Both are y13 students (final year before university) at The John Lyon School in Harrow, North London, where I am Head of English. If you need more, please let me know.

    Also, can you give us warning of broadcast and a web stream address if one exists.

    Always happy to do something as interesting as this – thanks for the contact.

  3. Hans, the files for this are in a dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sh78lgeb42oen0q/AABa5BNdRLbL33KmiwgY385va?dl=0 I will add the text as well when the boys let me have it.

    Let me know if this does not work!

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