Jerusalem 6: Dragons and Dragonslayers

Here is a PowerPoint in which we explore the St George element of the play.  I want to explore the idea that the dragon is the hypocritical town council and to begin discussion of the nature of the pagan/Christian transition and hence, the very idea of Englishness…

Jerusalem 6



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2 responses to “Jerusalem 6: Dragons and Dragonslayers

  1. Alastair Trevill

    Dear Jonathan, I am about to begin teaching ‘Jerusalem’ to what will be my yr 13s next year as part of the 2,000 word OCR coursework essay. We’ll be comparing it to Larkin (Mostly Whitsun Weddings and some poems from High Windows), which I can’t tell you how excited I am about! The resources you have here, and which I have unashamedly downloaded and learnt from (!) are excellent and have given me (and therefore my students) more than enough food for thought. So, thank you. I am indebted to you.

    • So glad to help- I will be teaching it again next year and will be writing more at some stage… Need to reflect the recent AS questions, especially the women as victims angle…

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