MUCH ADO about revision

As Year 10 approach their end of year exams, they ahve been making cue cards to assist with their revision.  I will be posting the sets as they arrive.  These are cue cards for quotation banks for the main characters (sans Dogberry) and key themes of Much Ado About Nothing.

I always recommend revising in pairs for this task and using it as a top trumps type of activity or even a tennis match – rallying ideas related to the quotation until they run out of steam…  Never simply a reading exercise!

Claudio flashcards

MAAN Cue Cards – Beatrice


hero (4)


cue cards Benedick

MAAN Revision

Courtly Love english milan and sohan

Beatrice – Quotes PPT

Much Ado About Nothing – Hero


English Homework

maan deceit


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