Mockingbird contexts and wider reading

Year 10: you might find these links interesting as you prepare for next term:

An article about Lee and her resolute disappearance for public society, together with shenangigans relating to monies lost and involving the estate of John Steinbeck, no less. The Harper Lee website
A rare public appearance An article about the author



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2 responses to “Mockingbird contexts and wider reading

  1. Anne Morin

    Hello, i enjoy reading J. Peel’s posts, though they are rather awe-inspiring for me, an ESL English teacher. I can’t even begin to tell how very baffling the endless acronyms tagging all the posts are, but still I can drop the “awe” and keep the inspiring insights.
    One of my forms ( year 11) is venturing into reading a whole novel in English for the first time ever, and it is TK a MB, so I’m sharing this crash course as your pupils might find it helpful.

    Let me know if you don’t agree!
    Now sit down, and study stylistics and language registers šŸ™‚
    Have a wonderful 2015,
    Anne Morin

    • Cheers Anne, I will take a look. First time with TKAM for me too- surprisingly! Looking forward to it. Sorry about the acronymic short hand! I think many of rhem are explained in the posts…
      Happy New Year!

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