Frankenstein in prison: themes and ideas

This is a lesson in which year 12 were tracking thoughts, themes and ideas relating to Frankenstein’s time in jail in Ireland.

Their table-top notes are found here: frankenstein tables prison  What really pleases me about this sort of work is the energy with which the task is handled.  Every student contributes and moments of clarity radiate from students as they come across ideas for themselves, not because one of the “usual suspects” holds forth and the others nod…  independence.

The tables cover all sorts of discussion – The structure of the frames, the mirroring of Justine’s imprisonment, the structural balance of these echoes, the role of Father as a saviour and Victor’s cowardice when given the same chance earlier in the novel, Ireland as a symbol of the oppressed beneath an Imperial yoke, Victor getting justice (and a good room) due to his gender and status,  The nature of Victor’s Hell, Personal Hells according to Milton in Paradise Lost, Victor gaining freedom only to suffer more…  and so on.  All in 55 minutes.  Cracking stuff!

And they cleaned the tables afterwards.


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