resources for War literature

This week I was contacted by a former colleague, now teaching in her native Canada. She was looking for material to use around Remembrance Day. I realised that despite my love for War Literature I have never added any to this blog. Sadly, many of my resources are now left at my old school and I generally teach the poetry from the texts rather than with prepared resources. Also,I currently teach no syllabus which requires war Poetry to be read (surely an oversight) so have little new prepared.

Below, I add some of the material I can find and offer it for adaptation and enjoyment. Joe Gibbs, a colleague teaching near me worked with me to produce the Yr 9 anthology document. She is on Twitter @joegibbs40

A document based on the drafting of Owen’s Anthem for doomed youth: Rewriting Anthem

An introduction to teaching All Quiet on the Western Front for KS5: All Quiet on the Western Front lessons ASlevel

An Alevel anthology for teaching: war poems booklet Lit B 4

An anthology aimed at teaching in KS3&4: war anthology_Layout 1

Audio files of Britten’s settings of Owen in his War Requiem:

A presentation to introduce Pre 1914 poetry: pre1914

A stimulus document for At the Cenotaph: at the cenotaph

All Quiet lessons: All Quiet on the Western Front lessons ASlevel

How does Owen… preparation for an essay on Disabled: owen sympathy

Other material can be found on these posts on the blog: contains a video clip of a presentation based on All Quiet. An IB student in Year 12 composed a short piano piece in response to a section of the text. he discusses it. is a podcast to assist with learning of Hardy’s great poem The Man He Killed.

I hope you find something here. As I unearth more of my work – ther \e is material on Gurney and Sorley somewhere… Happy browsing.



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5 responses to “resources for War literature

  1. So fabulous, Jonathan! Thank you so much.

  2. Jay Sullivan

    The definitive novel on war, any war, (in my estimation ) is “Goodbye To All That” by Robert Graves. This would be a very useful resource for your study because it provides a first hand account and the back story on Owen and other pacifists. Graves saved Siegfried Sassoon’s life (a decorated war hero) when he caused a sensation ( he could have been executed for treason)after he attacked the English Government for prolonging the war. Graves was able to use his influence to have Sassoon declared mentally incompetent to face trial . Sassoon’s anti war poems remain some of the best.

  3. Congratulations!
    I would like to vote for you, can you tell me how to do that?
    Eva van baar

  4. Shouvik Datta (mr)

    I think these are great teaching aids; they will mean a lot to the majority of British people and quite possibly, to many people in other countries who have written on the horror and futility of wars in their own countries as well.

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