Paradise Lost IX: sound files

“Milton is a poet who must be read aloud” Discuss and illustrate this debate…

As a support for A level students reading Paradise Lost, I am going to record a sound version of the text and post it here. I intend to break the text into useful sections and to post MP3 files to the site. These may not have the panache of professional versions… on the other hand, they are free!

Use as you see fit.

Section 1: Milton considers his subject: L1-47

Section 2: Satan approaches: L 48-191

Section 3: morning in Eden – division of labour. L192-386

Section 4: Eve departs; Satan arrives L385-493

Section 5: Temptation 1 L 494-631

Section 6: the tree; the fall L632-838

Section 7: eve and Adam; The Fall L838-989

Section 8: the denouement L 989-end


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