The Traveller community in schools

A colleague on Twitter is working on research in this area. It is not one of which I have first hand experience, but I have a link to a short film mad eby the Thames Valley Consortium several years ago.

The children in this video gave a short training session at my school – then Slough Grammar School – as part of our diversity day training programme for Student teachers and NQTs. I remember them as vibrant and strong children who impresed all the delegates with their energy and honesty.

We still run Diversity Day at what is now Upton Court Grammar School, and the Traveller Community is still represented in the short break out tutorial sessions.

Please treat this video with respect!



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4 responses to “The Traveller community in schools

  1. Ian McHugh

    An interesting post and video.

    Your colleague may be interested in a (relatively) recent episode of the Radio 4 programme “Thinking Allowed” which included a discussion with Kalwant Bhopa about her recent research in the area of Traveller children in schools.

    Here’s the link:

    I hope you and your colleague find it of interest.

  2. Thanks both for the video and r4 link. Is a daughter of a friend of mine doing the research and I’ve been blown away by the response to my request for help. Cheers again.

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