trying a blind debate

One of the reasons I enjoy my school is the willingness of students to engage in developing their skills despite losing their lunchtime!

In order to try to develop skills in a blind debate, I had asked Year 12 to lose 20 minutes of their lunch to receive the motion. Due to the current news stories, I chose “THBT assisted suicide should be legalised with a degree of urgency”. The students had 20 minutes to prepare for this debate and I have linked to the results. Please enjoy Charlotte, Ridhi, Mariam, Simren, Callum, Daniel, Melvin and Connor. Not all are perfect examples of the art, but there is real strength here alongside developing talent. I will use them for teaching aids – please feel free to do the same.

Please feel free to send some feedback for these students – I am realy excited about this year’s Year 12 group – I’d love to hear some disinterested comment.



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2 responses to “trying a blind debate

  1. Wow! I remember these guys when they were in year 9! How they’ve come on. I always knew Charlotte would do well. I was her form tutor when at SGS. Great work.

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