Literary Who’s Who

We have had a bit of time to breathe in Year 9. Our module – a literary who’s who was left to the discretion of individual teachers with the exception of two poems for Edexcel IGCSE/Certificate: Sonnet 116 and Tyger. Art work for some of the writing has been shown elsewhere on the blog already, but here’s a quick snapshot:
Evernote Camera Roll 20131114 185053

Evernote Camera Roll 20131114 185104

Evernote Camera Roll 20131114 185113

Now, the students have reached the presentation stage and I want to show 2 examples of the quality work which I have received. Sadly the film of the Tyger clip is not great quality – the student was obviously overcome by the majesty of the occasion, but I include the powerPoint that was used. The constant refrain of “Is God Happy?” worked extremely well.

The Gradgrind clip, I love. We did little work on this passage, yet the student has created a strong personal response and in so doing has shown strong analysis of the writing.

The Tyger

Mr Gradgrind

The video of the Gradgrind talk can be found here:

As usual, the only guidance and instruction came from an awareness of how the presentations would be assessed – the content is entirely independently developed.

My choice of texts: booklet of text


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