Language Day material

I am about to break all my rules and sing in school as part of the MFL department Language Day…

I thought I would lessen the shock by telling the students a little of my background and the reasons why languages have been so important to me and why all students should try to keep themselves engaged with MFL, because”you never know”.


language day Singing


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One response to “Language Day material

  1. Anne Morin

    Hello, 3 comments. I managed to download the slideshow, but the last slide wouldn’t sing at all, bitterly disappointing. Is it just my computer, or my computer illiteracy?
    Allow me to quote a singer from a different planet, slightly more megalomanic, namely, “Prince”. “Make the rules, break them all ’cause you are the best”.
    Or let me put it this way– we teach best with what we are, don’t we? So using your ( exceptional) background must prove inspiring, generous and very healthy. Besides, it shows that you can have many lives in one.
    Last point, in my lycée, there’s an outstanding Italian teacher, and I have just found out that he used to be an opera tenor. He teaches Italian so well. I don’t, but I experience daily that music really proves an inspiring angle when teaching foreign languages.
    So the gist of it is : bravo!

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