Year 10 revision materials: An Unknown Girl

Revision materials made by students at SGS for An Unknown Girl by Moniza Alvi.

A short podcast discussion about the poem: unknown girl ideas.

The script for the task above: discussion_on_unkown_girl

A revision mat/wordle: girl mat

An essay about the poem: an_unknown_girl_essay

Again, use these as you see fit. Please respect the fact that they have been written by students in year 10, but feel free to feedback!




13 responses to “Year 10 revision materials: An Unknown Girl

  1. Sajan

    going into Unknown girl for the first time and only reading the poem once, I have learnt that the way the poem is shaped, is supposed to represent the henna on the writers arm.

  2. Ibrahim Mohammad

    Very useful as they have information that gives extra background knowledge about the poem.

  3. Ibrahim Mohammad

    It was very useful at giving extra background information as I learnt that the neon lights are to show the colourful country India.

  4. Akramul Islam

    I can now say that the structure of the poem matches the henna on the arm. Also this podcast has made me understand the poem better.

  5. Carlo

    The podcast has helped me to understand the country India better as I know now peacocks lines can represent India.

  6. Abdul Iqbal

    I learnt that the girl starts to cling on to India , and has found a new life, therefore India could be another start fir her

  7. I have learned that the setting of the passage is in a description of the neon lights

  8. Dahn

    The way that the poem is written in the shape of henna may show some ideas that the writer or one of the writer’s relatives are getting married. In my culture, before the bride gets married, she has a henna party where she has henna done on her arms and legs

  9. Rohan Radia

    This really helped because it showed me that the new peacock lines represent India

  10. I have learned that the “Brown veins” represent Henna, I originally thought that they were just veins

  11. Shyam Botkhatria

    without reading the poem this podcast gives us a good grasp of the text

  12. Zohaib Ahmad

    I have learned that how the neon lights in this passage represent India

  13. Shyam B

    Without reading the poem in detail this podcast gives us a good insight to the poem and the structure of it.

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