Creativity in Analysis: Why I love teaching Y13 IB

I have copied some of my Year 13 IB English Literature creative responses to Chapter 10 of Chopin’s Awakening. I left out only the pencil drawings that were too faint to copy well. These are to enable the class to have their own copies, but also to stimulate interest from other teachers/students.
It seems to me that the opportunity for creative response activities is fundamental to the IBDP course and students are used to this sort of activity from the earliest days of Year 12. Today they surpassed themselves and I wish I had recorded the comments that went alongside these little works of art. Nikita’s drawing of Edna in her fish bowl has simply so many layers of symbolism embedded in it that we all listened in awe as Chopin’s writing was analysed thoroughly in her explanation of this response.

Feel free to take a look and perhaps you might want to use the artwork to stimulate debate in your own lessons if you are teaching this text.

awakening 10


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