On developing learning skills in the VIth form.

Following a discussion about growth mindsets and the IBDP Learner Profile, I wrote this:

6th form students should be.. blog

I am having a few issues uploading the video of the IOP I refer to, but it should be possible to see it here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18050380/ELIAS.wmv

Some of my Learner profiles are attached here – I apologise to the original creator for the lack of recognition! learner profile



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5 responses to “On developing learning skills in the VIth form.

  1. Sophie Welsh

    I have been trying to find how to reply to you personally and thank you for these resources. I am a first year teacher of IB Lit and am finding these invaluable! I am currently using ‘Never Let Me Go’ with my classes for their IOPs and read with interest that you had a 30/30 – I was wondering if I could play it to the kids so they could hear what risk-taking sounded like and we got away from powerpoint lectures. However, I tried the link and it said that the media was not found. Is there anyway you could email the clip to me? Thank you again – Sophie Welsh – swelsh28@yahoo.co.uk

    • I will try to relocate the clip and reload. My one frustration at IOP is that marks are invariably moderated down somewhere. We have tried very strict, less strict, targeted band marking and so on. The new spec is less obsessed with language analysis and we fail to see what else the student could have done!
      Glad you enjoy the blog!

      • Sophie Welsh

        Thank you – that would be great! I have just been to an IB Lit conference and it was made clear that the IOC could severely downgrade your IOP even though they are aware what a tougher ask the IOC is… Carry on with the good work is all I can say!

      • Btw I find twitter a great source of info and ideas… Worth a look around!

      • Tried a repost from my Dropbox. Try it again?

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