TOK lesson resources

These are some of my TOK lesson PowerPoints – others are on the site already. The poetry creation comes from material used in my training by the IBO in Bratislava in 2005
poetry composition
TOK arts intro
tok intro
theories of art

– I wonder if anyone reading this was there?



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6 responses to “TOK lesson resources

  1. Hi – I started the TOKHawaii Linked in group that has fizzled out. I did however read your post and I was hoping to talk to you via email at some point. Essentially, I have gained a new class in addition to my TOK section – a blended history, literature, art project-based 9th grade class that is both student-centered but also rigorous enough to be a preparation for the IBDP. Many of your posts seem to point to some strategies to accomplish both ends. The Islands here don’t offer too many opportunities to have deep conversations about this, so if you are interested, I’d appreciate it.

    • Always happy to chat, though not sure what I can offer on a course that sounds very interesting indeed… 9th grade… around 14/15 yrs old?

    • Hi Raleigh,
      I’m sure that Amy Burvall would love to chat with you about TOK and your 9th grade class. She teaches TOK and has taught a really well-done 9th grade MYP Humanities course at Le Jardin for awhile now that integrates a lot of art history and tech projects.
      Linked In-
      Warm regards, Diane Smith

  2. Yes – that’s the right age. I’d like to build in a number of IB English assessments into the 9th grade curriculum as I think the critical thinking exercises are excellent preparation regardless of program direction, but the TOK-related literature and art lessons are fascinating as so many of them feature meta-cognitive skills that apply across the curriculum. The question is how to scaffold them down to the appropriate age level while still retaining the nut of the exercise…

  3. Leletta Selassie

    You have some very interesting material. I teach TOK and I could easily use your material on art.

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