AQA LIT B 3 examiners’ meeting

These notes were taken during a training day in May and should be helpful for anyone studying AQA LITB 3 this summer. I have attached marked scripts which have been cleared for public consumption. Please treat these with respect.

My students will be interested to see that Script A does not receive full marks -can you work out why? and that Script D is considered to be a very typical BAND 3 response. Finally, look at the pattern of ticks and notice that irrelevance is simply not rewarded.

marking descriptors

exam paper jan 2112
script A
script B
script C
script D
script E
script F



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4 responses to “AQA LIT B 3 examiners’ meeting

  1. Sue T

    Thank you for this – it was really useful.

  2. Sarah

    Some really useful stuff to help me grasp the difference between an A grade essay and a C grade essay- Thanks!

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