GCSE revision class: Articles and Leaflets

Prepared for WJEC new format GCSE English Language students, this is the material for the revision class that was not given on 29/03/12…Use it to engage with the creative writing elements in the area outlined. A podcast has been added to assist with revision.

Articles and Leaflets

podcast to accompany revision session



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6 responses to “GCSE revision class: Articles and Leaflets

  1. SB

    Thank you, Jonathan, for sending this useful review material. Keep them coming,

  2. gurpreet

    hi you should also give examples

    • I disagree. That is what my students do! I do not believe in spoon feeding or encouraging plagiarism. When I feel the need, I do, but generally I look for stimuli and discussion.

  3. Muhammad Abdullah

    this is good but I think there is a need of example

  4. Usman Khan

    examples of articles?

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