On the Doppelganger

A powerpoint for use in Frankenstein teaching:


It includes a link to the Schubert song of the same name as additional stimulus.

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Passage to Africa, responses Year 10

My new Year 10 have been working with a few Thinking Hats – the sound of @TomBennett71 screaming rings loud in the ether…

I am not a fan of over use of this technique, but the combination of an eager and intellectually astute group of boys and the nature of the passage makes this a useful tool for exploring Alagiah’s work.

They will be downloading their responses below.  Feel free to take a look.

passage y 10

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SPAG in a mess?

Thanks to the marvellous @jabellpepper I am putting these posters around the department.  The QR codes link to his animated Tellegamis which briefly explain key points of grammar.

Students sitting IGCSE this summer need to be aware that with around 7% of their entire IGCSE mark at risk due to poor SPAG, inconsistency is not an option.  Yes it is difficult, yes it is time consuming, but yes it is vital to the clarity and definition of their finished work.  Hopefully this little poster might help.

spag poster A3

spag poster A3


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Poetry for Remembrance

As a footnote to my post on materials for teaching War Literature, I wanted to share two poems written by boys at school in response to a Remembrance Day Poetry Competition.  They are written by one year 10 and one year 9 boy and I will be presenting them with a prize next week.

What I love here is both the attention to form and the choice of content.

I hope you enjoy them:  why not offer them to classes for analysis?  With a Villanelle in the Edexcel lists – Do not go gently-  this might be quite a useful task.

poems for remembrance

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Thank You

Today my blog received its 250,000th view.  probably this was someone in the USA or Canada where I have 50 or 60  viewers every night, after I have retired for the day.  Who knows?

Thank you all for making my hobby so worthwhile.

If you have found the blog useful, please give a minute to support me further:  The blog has been nominated for the UK Blog Awards.  You can vote here: http://www.blogawardsuk.co.uk/candidates/english-teaching-resources/   by following this link.

Many, many thanks.

Jonathan                                                                                                                         hyzHJaB

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resources for War literature

This week I was contacted by a former colleague, now teaching in her native Canada. She was looking for material to use around Remembrance Day. I realised that despite my love for War Literature I have never added any to this blog. Sadly, many of my resources are now left at my old school and I generally teach the poetry from the texts rather than with prepared resources. Also,I currently teach no syllabus which requires war Poetry to be read (surely an oversight) so have little new prepared.

Below, I add some of the material I can find and offer it for adaptation and enjoyment. Joe Gibbs, a colleague teaching near me worked with me to produce the Yr 9 anthology document. She is on Twitter @joegibbs40

A document based on the drafting of Owen’s Anthem for doomed youth: Rewriting Anthem

An introduction to teaching All Quiet on the Western Front for KS5: All Quiet on the Western Front lessons ASlevel

An Alevel anthology for teaching: war poems booklet Lit B 4

An anthology aimed at teaching in KS3&4: war anthology_Layout 1

Audio files of Britten’s settings of Owen in his War Requiem:

A presentation to introduce Pre 1914 poetry: pre1914

A stimulus document for At the Cenotaph: at the cenotaph

All Quiet lessons: All Quiet on the Western Front lessons ASlevel

How does Owen… preparation for an essay on Disabled: owen sympathy

Other material can be found on these posts on the blog:

http://jwpblog.wordpress.com/2012/10/06/thoughts-on-adopting-igcse-english/ contains a video clip of a presentation based on All Quiet. An IB student in Year 12 composed a short piano piece in response to a section of the text. he discusses it.
http://jwpblog.wordpress.com/2012/04/28/the-man-he-killed-for-ioc/ is a podcast to assist with learning of Hardy’s great poem The Man He Killed.

I hope you find something here. As I unearth more of my work – ther \e is material on Gurney and Sorley somewhere… Happy browsing.


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Cartoon teaching: Frankenstein

I wanted to share some drawings.  If you read this blog regularly you will know I love getting students to explore artistic representations as part of the process of developing awareness of the text.  Please enjoy these short examples of the early development of Frankenstein’s creature:

frank cartoons

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Year 10 zones: 10 minute planning

Year 10 are working on Much Ado for Edexcel IGCSE Literature.  As we finish the teaching for this ear, I wanted to engage the boys with exam technique before their formal assessment essays.  I like the idea of 10 minute planners and have blogged and made screenshots for them -available on here –  in the past.  This lesson aimed to engage a few small groups in planning for 15 minutes to produce responses to 5 different essays.  The titles were given out in the lesson to try to recreate the sensation of sitting an exam.  Too many students fall down at this stage:  either they don’t plan at all, or they spend too long mulling things over before starting to write an run out of time.

I was really pleased with the response.  Highly focused and showing a willingness to ZOOM IN to engage in close analysis.  Even better were the groups who showed the confidence to go beyond the usual responses and really dig into subtext – such as Dogberry being relevant to the thee of honour due to his undermining of the social status quo: “wisdoms” are unseated by the rude working classes.

maan planning obs

zone work

Year 10 , please find your zone sheets here.  Great planning work for 5 essay titles on MAAN.

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On Twitter, tweachers and thin skins.

This is not a teaching post per se, though you might get mileage from it when teaching non fiction writing I suppose.

It is more of a plea:


Thank you.

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Introducing Lear: 2

Here I have discussed the nature of the Fool in 1.4 and also given a brief introduction to the meter of the play.

I have tried to focus my discussion of the Fool on 1.4 simply to maintain the sense of introduction to the play.  My intention is that if students use these talks effectively, they will soon be able to make the links and develop the interpretations of the play for themselves.

The talk about meter focuses on Gaps in the Iambic Pentameter and the effectiveness of these in establishing emotion and allowing for action.  Again, I have focused on 1.1 for the reasons outlined above.

lear 4 fool

Lear 5


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